Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Neighborhood barre™ different from other barre studios?

Neighborhood barre™ evokes a welcoming atmosphere and embraces all fitness levels. We are based off of the 'Lotte Berk' technique, but with a little bit of a twist, as our classes are fast-paced, extremely dynamic, and deliver an interval cardio effect that is hard to find in most barre-based workouts. We truly embrace the shake at Nb and our instructors are hands on to ensure that you get the most out of your 55 minutes in the studio.

What should I expect from my first Neighborhood barre™ class?

Expect to get a total body workout from your head all the way to your pointed toe. Although our program is designed to allow each person to work at his or her own level, you want to work your muscles to fatigue in every class. Expect your legs to shake and burn through each sprint and think about moving in the form of a contraction, rather than a big dip or swing. You should also not worry about feeling out of breath or as some put it... out of shape. We purposely add a cardio element to our classes, making them more athletic and faster paced than a traditional barre studio. Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you, and you will literally get stronger with every class!

What is my instructor saying? Tuck where? Squeeze what?

We know it can be tough to understand what the instructor is asking you to do, so we have put together some of our most commonly used vocabulary words to help get you through your first couple of classes with less confusion!

Tuck: Cued to align your spine, the Nb 'tuck' is achieved by stretching your tailbone towards the floor and lifting your rib cage.


Pulse: An isometric movement that performed twice as fast as the tempo of the music.


Down or Lift Hold: Performing an isometric move where you hold the contraction for one beat of the music.


Kick: An isometric bend and stretch - bending the leg or arm one inch to release the muscle, then contracting the muscle to extend.


Will I do the same workout every day?

Our workout constantly changes. In fact, you may never do the exact same workout two times in a row. EVER! We incorporate a wide variety of quality exercises that will keep your muscles guessing in every class.

What if I can't do one of the exercises?

If you are injured, pregnant, or simply having a hard time with an exercise, please feel free to ask anyone on staff for a modification, or to simply review the pose with you before or after class. We are here to serve and to ensure that you get the most out of every move, so please let us know if there is anything that is difficult for your body, or simply doesn't feel right.

What do I wear?

Typical yoga or pilates style clothing. It's recommended to wear a longer pant, versus a pant that comes above the knee, for more comfort and support. We are a barefoot studio, but feel free to wear a "grippie" sock if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Do I need to bring anything?

Neighborhood barre™ provides all equipment needed during class, but bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.  

Should I eat before I come to class?

Due to the athletic nature of our classes, it is recommended to eat within 2 hours of coming to class to prevent low blood sugar.

How many calories will I burn during class?

As this is largely dependent on your size and weight, most burn between 400-700 calories per class. Remember that the more fatigued your muscles, the more calories you will continue to burn in the hour after class, so don't shy away from the burn and shake.

I've been taking class for a month - Why do my clothes feel tight?

Some clients will experience what we call 'barre bulk' - you can see the changes in your body, but your clothes feel tighter than they did before you started. This is completely normal, and we promise you are not getting bigger! It's simply your muscles tightening faster than the fat is burning, which causes you to be more firm. Imagine squeezing a marshmallow into a pair of skinny jeans vs. an almond. Not everyone will experience this, but it is something you might notice during your first couple of months at Nb as you begin to firm throughout your arms, glutes, and thighs. Don't worry! Your body will balance out quickly and you will be so pleased with what's underneath! 

Is NEIGHBORHOOD barre safe during pregnancy?

Yes, but remember to listen to your body and consult your physician before coming to class.